Are you looking to enhance your performance as an athlete, a runner or you’re looking to up level your athletic performance over all? If so, this workshop is for YOU!

You’ll be learning from 3 experts in the field of running, fitness and nutritional health, and the importance of Dental Fitness which enhances your performance.



Antonio: Has been running for over 30 years, in local street races, different terrain races, races out of state! The Doggy Dash in Oregon many years ago with an up and coming Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. But my favorite race has to be The Glen Eden 5k which he Won 2 years ago in June 2018.
Running has been a huge part of my upbringing. I even fell into it by accident. Happy accident though!! He will be sharing information on Long Runs, how to stay injury free and tips on Shin Splints.

Jeanette: She is a Health & Wellness Expert, WBFF Bikini PRO, 3 time Best selling author, Dietary Consultant and Life Coach. She will be sharing on the importance of mindset in athletic training and the fundamental tips of nutritional health for your body’s best performance, recovery, and rebuilding.

Dr. Engel: He is an amazing dentist, and will be sharing how the mouth and oral disease works, both cavities and gum disease and airway issues. He will a lso discuss how diet affects the mouth, not only what you eat but how often you eat and ways of helping athletes with prevention if they need to graze. Lastly, how chronic inflammation is considered one of the root of all evils.


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