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This 6-week course will help provide clarity and transform your vision, purpose, and passion for your life. I’ve always felt that great change usually follows some discontentment or unhappiness but the most challenging part can be the actual transition into proactively searching and finding your soul calling, your life purpose and knowing that this is truly what it is. Where do you begin, how do you know it’s right, and how do you start to get to that point?

We will go through one theme of focus per week solely engaging on the steps and actions that change our way of thinking, reacting vs resolution, visit our own narratives (stories we tell ourselves), our fear vs our faith and more. We will have one workout/meditation per week to help ground our focus and mental clarity, and one group call per week (It will be recorded if you cannot make the call time). We will gain clarity and understanding to start taking the actions to transition into a life of purpose and happiness

Here’s what you’re going to get in each module...

Module #1: The Power of your Narrative

(Your life story) Empowering or Dis-empowering? What are your self-limiting beliefs? Do you have a mindset of possibility or defeat?

Module #2: What is your definition of SUCCESS;

in your life, career, relationships and family? Are you living your life based on society’s terms or your definition? And first, what kind of success are you aiming for?

Module #3: The ACT and POWER of Release,

What are you ready to eliminate from your life to get yourself closer to your life purpose? (Release is one of the 1st steps to success)

Module #4: What do you really want?

Be completely honest with yourself, what’s important to you in life? Leave all judgement behind because no one else is living your life, time for HONESTY. What feels good to you? What are you passionate about?

Module #5: What is your “special sauce”?

Pinpoint weaknesses & strengths, your special sauce is a spotlight to a success path you should travel. List your strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to know what’s keeping you from your passion and what is pushing you towards it.

Module #6: Start with small action and find an accountability partner.

Think about 2-3 role models that you look up to and what do they have in common with your passion, and lifestyle. View their defining characteristics, write down and itemize what you admire about them and start to make your own “small” action list with dates of completion for each ste

In each module we will dive deeper and you will have homework, action plans, a Bootoga workout and a meditation that correlates with each the theme.

Are you excited? Is your soul rising up and saying “YES” as you read this?! Then take the 1st action step and Pre-enroll yourself for this course. The benefit of knowing yourself better, understanding your blockages and fears then turning them into your passion and purpose highly outweighs any investment of your time and money. The best investment you will ever make is on YOURSELF!

This online course is only $97, take advantage of this low rate and let’s get you started into transforming your thinking and your life!

Additional Information

Jeanette Ortega is a three time Best Selling author, Owner and operator of her own gym, Extreme Results Fitness, Creator of her own method Bootoga®, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Fitness Expert. She was in search of something deeper, a purpose, a passion, a longing, finally realizing that her answer was inside. She is a woman who stands for everyone to live the life of their dreams, to own their beauty of who they are from the inside out, and never apologize for their uniqueness and worth. She is “Fitness from the inside out” and has gone through tremendous challenges and victories to share all of this with you in hopes to inspire and encourage anyone she can.

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