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My mission is to be a light and a guide for everyone to experience living a life of their dreams. Learn how to become a Wellness Warrior in their Mind, Body, and Soul not only for themselves but for their families as well. My desire and passion is to reach as many people as I can to educate everyone on the true meaning of fitness, a life of balance, love, and joy in their mind, body and soul/spirit.

Hi! I am Jeanette,

I am a lover of life and I am honored to share and spread the wealth of health & fitness for your mind, body and soul. Please join me on this journey of wellness, a journey to inspire us to become fit from the inside out. 

Jeanette is a health and wellness expert, writer, three-time Bestselling author, fitness model, Owner of Extreme Results Fitness, Inc, creator of her own method Bootoga®, celebrity trainer, life coach, certified yoga instructor, speaker and WBFF Bikini PRO. Contact her on any of her social media sites or email. 

A trilogy of Fitness of Mind, Body and Soul… a complete guide to remodel and reboot your entire life, all areas!

Thank you for your support and thank you for speaking out on what you wanted to learn from me! Much love to all of you!



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 I am honored to share my knowledge of 26 years in the health, wellness and fitness industry!

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Jeanette Ortega is a Health & Wellness Expert in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She is the creator of Bootoga® – Wellness For Life; which is a fusion of Boot camp, yoga and meditation, a three time best selling author, certified life coach, speaker, yoga instructor and trainer. You will experience a variety of information on all aspects of health and fitness, interviews with others in the industry and some spicy hot topics as well! We don’t stop there, while you’re here, listen in to her meditations for peace and relaxation. Let’s learn, love and celebrate living our BEST LIVES.

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Jeanette is a true Fitness Leader and life changer. I have personally seen her transform a great number of clients. She has a true passion for fitness, health, well/being and helping others. Jeanette has inspired countless others on stage, in videos, television, radio, magazines, books and in person. I’ve truly enjoyed working with her for many reasons, and especially for her high positive energy. I would recommend Jeanette and her services to anyone who is serious about their overall wellness and wants to have fun in the process.

Jason Scott Johnson

Transformation Coach, NASM certified fitness professional, Kickboxing Champion, Natural Body Builder, US Marine


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